Course Tour


HOLE 1 - PAR 4

Black 458      Blue 445

White 405      Red 388

There is no better way to start your round than with a bogey on this picturesque dogleg left opener.

A tee shot to the right side of the fairway will give you the best chance to hit this difficult green.

Prepare yourself, because you could proceed to three putt.


HOLE 2 - PAR 4

Black 388      Blue 350

White 320      Red 290

After a difficult opening hole, this short par 4 second is a chance to get a shot back – that is if you avoid hitting it out of bounds into oncoming traffic.

Now that OB is in your head, pull out the “safe club” to hit your tee shot in the narrow landing area.

A well placed drive will give you a nice chance to make birdie.


HOLE 3 - PAR 5

Black 524      Blue 509

White 468      Red 446

Placement of your second shot is critical. Try to get your second on top of the plateau, but avoid being blocked by the overhanging trees on the right.

This green slopes from back to front so try to keep your approach short of the hole.


HOLE 4 - PAR 4

Black 421      Blue 366

White 351      Red 265

To be successful on this difficult hole, do not hit it in the water. Just in case, pull out that old scuffed up ball.

Accuracy is essential on the approach to the narrow, well-bunkered green.

Walk over the bridge cautiously as you don’t want to disturb the ‘gators.


HOLE 5 - PAR 4

Black 419      Blue 374

White 330      Red 309

The ideal tee shot will come to rest between the fairway bunkers.

The ideal approach shot will put you on the green, preferably close to the hole.

One putt gives you birdie, two putts gives you par, three putts leads you to a new putter!


HOLE 6 - PAR 3

Black 160      Blue 142

White 138      Red 121

A ridge running through the middle of this green makes any long putt a difficult two-putt, or an easy three putt.

Club selection is critical on this shallow green par 3, as it’s very superficial.

Ensure you have enough club to carry the front bunker... obviously.


HOLE 7 - PAR 5

Black 521      Blue 497

White 485      Red 441

This excellent par 5 demands a solid tee shot up the left side of the fairway to avoid the beach on the right side – this is no place to stop for a suntan. A well placed tee shot will set up a short third to a shallow green.


HOLE 8 - PAR 4

Black 425      Blue 405

White 375      Red 350

Try to not to let this thought get in your head while teeing it up: "If you go right, you’re in trouble, if you go left, you’re still in trouble."

Now tee off. Good luck!


HOLE 9 - PAR 3

Black 182      Blue 160

White 140      Red 118

This final hole of the outward nine is a challenging par 3.

If you didn’t lose it on the fourth hole, pull out that old scuffed ball again.

Once your tee shot (hopefully) crosses Nose Creek, a severely sloped and well guarded green awaits. This back to front sloped green makes it imperative to leave your ball below the hole.

No matter how much you mess up this hole, a cold drink and snack await you at the Halfway House. Local knowledge: lay-ups are acceptable.


HOLE 10 - PAR 5

Black 534      Blue 510

White 490      Red 424

It’s a good thing you’ve refuelled at the Halfway House because this hole can be a nightmare.

'Good' players may think they can reach this par 5 in two – delusional!

Three perfect shots for the average player... and one more perfect shot... and maybe a couple more... and you should have no problem tapping in for double!


HOLE 11 - PAR 3

Black 190      Blue 155

White 123      Red 117

The tee shot on this par 3 forces you to carry Nose Creek. Not literally.

The green is narrow and demands an accurate iron shot.

A wise golfer once said that you can never get a hole-in-one if your shot is short!


HOLE 12 - PAR 4

Black 303      Blue 291

White 281      Red 245

A classic risk-reward par 4.

Choose the boring route towards the right fairway bunkers to leave a short iron into the green.

Or, man up and take the challenge of a forced carry of 263 yards from the blue tees to reach the green with your tee shot.

The green is sloped back to front. Making a two putt from above the hole is near impossible.


HOLE 13 - PAR 4

Black 401      Blue 371

White 345      Red 333

This dogleg right requires a well-placed tee shot on the left side of the fairway to avoid being blocked out by the overhanging trees.

A large bunker protects the front of this sloped green. Try to keep your ball below the hole as this green presents many challenging undulations.

No mulligans if the train whistle blows in your backswing.


HOLE 14 - PAR 5

Black 580      Blue 531

White 520      Red 470

Nothing like smashing your driver and still having 300 yards to the green!

Your second shot should favor the right side of the fairway to give you a clear view of the green for your third.

This green is elevated and well protected by large bunkers at the front. To keep your match interesting, try your hardest to make a sand save.


HOLE 15 - PAR 4

Black 440      Blue 405

White 386      Red 321

This is the most difficult par 4 on the course.

The right-to-left sloping fairway makes a left-to-right tee shot a must to hold the fairway off the tee.

A par on this hole is amazing, a bogey is great, a double is fine, a triple is...well the round is almost over.


HOLE 16 - PAR 4

Black 441      Blue 406

White 381      Red 369

The sixteenth is a difficult dogleg par 4 that continues the challenging marathon of finishing holes.

The ideal tee shot will be just right of the fairway bunker, leaving you a clear view of the green for your second shot.

The front right of this green is well protected by a large bunker.


HOLE 17 - PAR 3

Black 225      Blue 180

White 152      Red 112

This par 3 is a signature hole at the Elks.

The green is almost entirely surrounded by water making club selection extremely important.

Be a golf strategist: check for wind, exact yardage, which tee deck you are on, etc... or here’s a strategy, panic!

P.S. – get that old scuffed ball out again!


HOLE 18 - PAR 4

Black 425      Blue 401

White 350      Red 282

If you still care about your score after the last few holes, this uphill par 4 finishing hole will nullify that.

Aim your tee shot at the left fairway bunkers to give you a clear view of the green.

Be sure to hit enough club on your second shot to compensate for the change in elevation. This green is very deep and has three tiers.