Golf Simulators at The Winston

The Winston offers access to three state-of-the-art golf simulators—so that you can work on your game all 12 months of the year.

Why Choose Our Golf Simulators?

Find ideal fairway conditions during any weather and season. Using our golf simulators puts you in touch with:

Quality Technology

Our simulators come from cutting-edge brands like Foresight and GCHawk. Measure every shot with ultra-high-speed tracking for peak realism and optimal training benefits.

Instant Amenities

Enjoy arms-length access to our clubhouse and dining facilities so that you can refresh and refuel easily between sessions.

Comfort & Focus

Play in a temperature-controlled environment where you can zero in on the details of your game, free from inclement weather and other distractions.

Go Further with Exclusive Member Benefits

Members of The Winston get access to even more perks, including:
Club fittings by our in-house pros
Vendor fit days when industry reps visit
League play
Priority and unlimited bookings

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Our Location

You can find us at 2502 6 St in NE Calgary, just north of the city centre in Winston Heights.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Simulators at The Winston

Find answers to the questions we get about our golf simulators most often.

Are The Winston Golf Club’s simulators open to the public?

Yes—all of our golf simulators are available for public use.

How do I book The Winston’s golf simulators in advance?

Our simulators can be booked by the hour online. Bookings can be made for any time during our regular business hours (10 am to 9 pm).

How long does it take to play 18 holes of simulated golf?

Typically, it takes about three hours for a party of four to play 18 holes on our golf simulators.

Can I bring a party or group to play simulated golf at The Winston?

Yes—our golf simulators can be booked for parties and private events. You’ll also get access to our full bar and menu, with an on-site server to ensure that your group’s needs are met.