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How Playing Public Golf at a Private Club is Different


• Calgary golfers have a variety of options, from public to semi-private courses. This blog explores the key differences between public courses and The Winston Golf Club, a premier semi-private club.

• Public courses often face challenges in maintenance due to high traffic, resulting in less pristine conditions. In contrast, The Winston Golf Club offers meticulously maintained greens and fairways, ensuring a superior golfing experience.

• Affordable public courses are open to all, allowing casual golfers to access them. The Winston balances exclusivity and accessibility, with specified hours for non-members and exclusive benefits for members.

• The pace at public courses can be slower, and diverse player etiquette can affect the overall experience. The Winston provides a managed pace and maintains a high standard of etiquette, contributing to a respectful and pleasant atmosphere for dedicated golfers.

• While public courses typically offer basic amenities, The Winston enhances the experience with a full-service clubhouse, gourmet dining, well-appointed locker rooms, professional golf instruction, and event hosting.

• Both public and semi-private golf courses have their advantages. Public courses are cost-effective and accessible, while The Winston Golf Club offers exclusivity, superior conditions, and enhanced amenities; not to mention our unique proximity to the city centre.

Discover the Difference: Public Golf Courses vs. The Winston Golf Club

Golf enthusiasts in Calgary are spoiled for choice with a range of public and semi-private courses available. Among these, The Winston Golf Club is a premier semi-private option offering an enhanced golfing experience. But what exactly sets a semi-private club like The Winston apart from public courses? Let’s dive into the key differences.

Course Conditions

One of the most significant differences between public golf courses and semi-private clubs like The Winston is the quality of course conditions. Public courses, while affordable and accessible, often struggle with maintenance due to the high volume of traffic and lesser budgets. This can lead to less pristine fairways and greens and more wear and tear overall.

In contrast, The Winston Golf Club prides itself on meticulous maintenance. Our greens are carefully manicured, and our fairways are kept in top condition, providing a superior playing surface. The attention to detail in maintaining the course ensures that members and guests enjoy an exceptional round of golf every time, while the benefits of having a long tenured Head Superintendent are immeasurable.

Accessibility and Cost

Public golf courses are known for their affordability and open access. These courses are generally less expensive and do not require memberships, making them a popular choice for casual golfers and those new to the sport. However, this accessibility often comes at the cost of crowded courses and limited tee time availability.

The Winston Golf Club offers a different experience. As a semi-private club, we provide exclusive access to members while welcoming non-members during designated hours. This model balances exclusivity and accessibility, allowing golfers to enjoy a premium experience without the total commitment of a private club membership. The cost reflects this elevated experience, offering value through enhanced amenities and superior course conditions.

Crowds and Exclusivity

Crowding is common on public golf courses, especially during peak times. This can lead to longer wait times, slower rounds, and a less enjoyable experience overall. Public courses are open to all, making it difficult to avoid these busy periods.

The Winston Golf Club, however, offers a more exclusive and less crowded environment. With restricted hours for non-members and reserved tee times for members, players can enjoy a more relaxed and focused game. The club’s exclusivity ensures a peaceful and unhurried round, allowing golfers to fully immerse themselves in the sport.

Player Experience

The overall player experience differs significantly between public courses and semi-private clubs. The pace of play on public courses can be slow due to the higher number of players and varying skill levels. Player etiquette may also vary widely, impacting the game’s enjoyment.

At The Winston Golf Club, the pace of play is more controlled, and the environment is tailored to serious golfers who appreciate the game’s nuances. Members and guests typically adhere to a higher standard of etiquette, contributing to a more respectful and enjoyable atmosphere. Focusing on quality and respect for the game enhances the overall playing experience.

Amenities and Services

Public courses often provide basic amenities, such as a golf shop and snack bar, but these can be limited. Semi-private clubs like The Winston elevate the experience with enhanced amenities and services.

At The Winston Golf Club, members and guests can access a full-service clubhouse, gourmet dining options, well-appointed locker rooms, and professional golf instruction. These amenities contribute to a holistic golfing experience that extends beyond the course itself. The club also hosts events, making it a perfect venue for corporate outings, weddings, and other special occasions.

Find Your Perfect Swing at The Winston Golf Club

Both public golf courses and semi-private clubs like The Winston have unique advantages. Public courses offer affordability and accessibility, making them an excellent choice for beginners and casual players. However, The Winston Golf Club is the clear choice for those seeking a superior golfing experience with better course conditions, exclusivity, and enhanced amenities.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Book a round at The Winston Golf Club today and discover why our semi-private club is the preferred destination for discerning golfers in Calgary.